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  • Nutrition in Herbal Plants Used in Saudi Arabia

     · Herbs are used for centuries by many people worldwide. This study derives insights into the use and content of herbs that are consumed among Saudi citizens. An online questionnaire was distributed to understand the basic information about Saudi citizens’ preference and daily patterns of herbal plants that are usually used as drinks. Moreover, concentrations of fourteen

  • Healthcare Resource Guide Saudi ArabiaExport.govHome

    The Saudi health care sector is the largest in the Near East. Saudi Arabia’s health and social affairs budget for 2019 outlines an 8% increase to $46 billion as compared to $42.4 billion in 2018. This equates to about 15% of total government spending, budgeted at $260 million.

  • Digital Health 2021 Saudi Arabia ICLG

     · Saudi Arabia Digital Health Laws and Regulations 2021. ICLGDigital Health Laws and RegulationsSaudi Arabia covers digital health and healthcare IT, regulatory, digital health technologies, data use, data sharing, intellectual property, commercial agreements, AI and machine learning and liability in 22 jurisdictions.

  • Syringes and NeedlesBD

    Syringes and needles. Choose syringe and needle technology that makes a difference. BD is a leading manufacturer and provider of safety injection needles and syringes, 1* continually pioneering the development of high-quality, easy-to-use injection devices designed to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

  • Saudi ArabiaPharma and Biosciences

     · Overview. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia accounts for 59.4 percent of the purchases of pharmaceutical products in the Gulf region. The market was estimated at $5.75 billion in 2017 and poised to grow at CAGR 6.7 percent, expected to reach $8.46 billion by 2023, according to a report published by Precision Business Insights.. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the NTP’s priorities for job creation

  • Barriers to Cancer Clinical Trial Participation Among

     · This study aims to determine the factors that act as barriers to Saudi cancer patients in participating in a clinical trial (CT). A total of 244 patients from two different tertiary level hospitals (King Khalid University Hospital and King Fahad Medical City Hospital) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, participated in this cross-sectional study. The participants were interviewed by a trained researcher

  • A review on therapeutic potential of Nigella sativa A

     · Nigella sativa (N. sativa) (Family Ranunculaceae) is a widely used medicinal plant throughout the world. It is very popular in various traditional systems of medicine like Unani and Tibb, Ayurveda and Siddha. Seeds and oil have a long history of folklore usage in various systems of medicines and food.

  • Saudi Arabia to inoculate those aged 12 to 18 with Pfizer

     · RIYADH Saudi Arabia will start inoculating young people aged 12 to 18 against COVID-19 with the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine after it was approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, the health

  • Novartis

     · Novartis pledges 10-year commitment with Morehouse School of Medicine, 26 Historically Black Colleges, Universities, Medical Schools and other leading organizations to co-create effective, measurable solutions for health equity

  • Valsartan FDA expands recall of blood pressure drug due

     · The FDA announced a valsartan recall in July after lab tests revealed that some drugs could have been tainted with a substance linked to higher risk of cancer. The drug had been recalled in 22

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    At Merck, we're following the science to tackle some of the world's greatest health threats. Get a glimpse of how we work to improve lives.

  • New group set up to monitor cancer treatment costs Arab

     · The cost of medical treatment for cancer has become a burden both to patients and to companies and hospitals. According to the Saudi. Oncology Society, the average cost. of treatment for a cancer

  • The Pandemic and Cancer Asharq AL-awsat

     · CLL is a slow long-term blood cancer that has a high response rate to drugs such as AbbVie and J&J’s Imbruvica and AstraZeneca Plc’s Calquence. Further, a UK study by Cancer Research UK and Cardiff University found that 45% of those with potential cancer symptoms didn’t seek medical advice between March and August of 2020.

  • Expanding portfolio of precision medicine drugs will

    As of 2020, there are about 286 precision medicine drugs commercially available in the market and many more in pipeline. Currently, the market is dominated by cancer drugs. However, increased R&D activities for other diseases are projected to increase the number of drugs for cardiovascular, infectious, and neurological diseases among others.

  • Chronicles of Nanoerythrosomes An Erythrocyte-Based

    Recently, drug delivery using natural biological carriers has emerged as one of the most widely investigated topics of research. Erythrocytes, or red blood cells, can act as potential carriers for a wide variety of drugs, including anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory, along with various proteins, peptides, enzymes, and other macromolecules.

  • The major medical ethical challenges facing the public and

    INTRODUCTION. Saudi Arabia is the second biggest Arab country, with a surface area of 2,150 thousand sq km, and a population of 25.5 million, about 7 million of whom are non-Saudis.[1–4] It is the leading Muslim country, as two of the most holy sites for Muslims (Makkah and Madina) where millions come to worship and work every year, are located here.

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    At Merck, we're following the science to tackle some of the world's greatest health threats. Get a glimpse of how we work to improve lives.

  • Every New Cancer Drug In 2017 Cost $100,000 Or More l

    The price of new oncology brands doubled in the US from 2013 to 2017, bringing the median annual price to more than $160,000 last year, up from $79,000 in 2013, according to a new IQVIA report. Spending on cancer drugs in the US has doubled since 2012, reaching nearly $50bn in 2017.

  • Bayer's Products from A to Z

     · Applications Analgesics, Cardiology, Cough & Cold. A pain-reliever that works against headaches as well as acute back, muscle and joint pain. Low-dose Aspirin™ is also used during suspected heart attack to help reduce damage to the heart, and as cornerstone therapy for reducing risk of recurrent CV events, specifically, heart attack and

  • Health & Social ServicesEmbassy of Saudi Arabia

     · Health & Social Services. The establishment of a modern health care and social services system has been one of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning successes. The Saudi health care network provides free care to the general public and some of the most sophisticated specialized care available anywhere in the world. The government also sponsors a wide

  • Microencapsulation of lectin anti-cancer agent and

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is considered as one of the most aggressive cancer worldwide. In Egypt, the prevalence of HCC is increasing during last years. Recently, drug-loaded microparticles were used to improve the efficiency of various medical treatments. This study is designed to evaluate the


     · Explore 379,056 research studies in all 50 states and in 220 countries. See listed clinical studies related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. IMPORTANT Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government.

  • Healthcare Resource Guide Saudi ArabiaExport.govHome

    The Saudi health care sector is the largest in the Near East. Saudi Arabia’s health and social affairs budget for 2019 outlines an 8% increase to $46 billion as compared to $42.4 billion in 2018. This equates to about 15% of total government spending, budgeted at $260 million.

  • Cancer Nanomedicine A New Era of Successful Targeted Therapy

     · Cancer is considered as one of the most challenging health care problems. Though there are many approved drugs that can be used for cancer therapy, drug resistance and delivery are among of the barriers of the treatment. In addition, pathological characteristics of tumors and their abnormal blood vessel architecture and function also reduce the efficiency of the conventional cancer treatment.

  • The burden of disease in Saudi Arabia 1990–2017 results

     · Decreases in mortality continued at greater rates in Saudi Arabia during the period of 2010–17 than in 1990–2010. HAQ Index levels have also improved. Public health policy makers in Saudi Arabia need to increase efforts to address preventable risk factors that are major contributors to the burden of ill health and disability.

  • Omnia Health Marketplace Discover medical devices and

     · Explore Omnia Health Marketplace. Search our global directory for medical and laboratory products, reach out directly to suppliers and stay connected all year round. Discover Omnia Health Insights. Your source for the latest updates from the heart of the industry, bringing you exclusive insights, interviews, opinion pieces and in depth reports.

  • Guide to women's healthcare in Saudi Arabia Expatica

     · That said, one challenge facing Saudi Arabia is the chronic shortage of medical staff. With a rising population (which is living longer), Saudi Arabia needs 10,000 more doctors by 2020 to meet demand. Challenges to women’s healthcare in Saudi Arabia. The cultural segregation of Saudi Arabia affects health and healthcare in the Kingdom.

  • Saudi Arabia Pharmaceuticals Market Size, Trends, Shares

     · Saudi Arabia pharmaceutical drugs market growth is expected to be hampered in the near future, owing to increasing drug recalls and withdrawals by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Saudi Arabia. For instance, in August 2019, Julphar (Saudi Arabia-based pharmaceutical company) recalled a single batch of Laxocodyl suppository (10mg) due to a labeling